BURN Episode 03 Transformation Program.
Get fit and in get in the best shape of your life. The Program shall include functional, fun, intense yet scalable exercises and workouts… Our programs are for ALL levels of fitness…..
PRIMAL GYM have partnered with GREEN CENTRAL to offer you a BURN Meal Program.
Green Central is the newest weight loss and clean eating center to open in Abu Dhabi. Green Central was born out of a passion for promoting healthy living fueled by natural whole foods and juices. It was founded for the purpose of inspiring people to embrace a healthier lifestyle.
DATE: 19th November
Duration:  6 weeks   Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
**Time slots: 5:15am, 6:30am, 4:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm (Class durations 1 Hour)**
What you will Get:
  1. Online Support
  2. Eating Guide
  3. A GREEN CENTRAL Nutrition and PRIMAL GYM Fitness Seminar,
  4. Cash back for every session attended
  5. Orientation Session before the Program
  6. and most importantly GUARANTEED Results.
On top of that you will have the option to purchase a discounted Meal Program from GREEN CENTRAL (Meals will be delivered to you) for a great discounted price.
The best transformation will get a FULL Refund and a Free 3 Month Membership. GREEN CENTRAL shall be offering the following prizes for our winner:
1st Place Winner: 1-week Ultimate Plan Subscription – a unique meal plan combining juicing along with meals.
2nd Place Winner: 1-week Lunch Plan Subscription – includes daily delivery of a healthy lunch meal, a fruit and a healthy sweet snack.
3rd Place Winner: 3-day Juice n’ Soup Plan – moderate cleansing plan with 3 organic cold-pressed juices along with 3 soups, consumed over 3 days. 10 Free Dietetic Consultations: including a customized diet plan and a body composition analysis test.
A 5% discount to ALL BURN program members on future subscriptions with Green Central’s meal plans (offer valid till Dec 31, 2017):
  • Complete Plan: 4 weeks
  • Lunch Plan: 4 weeks
  • Ultimate Plan: 2 weeks
We are offering 25 AED cash back for every class you attend up to a maximum of 400 AED. The great part is our price is ONLY 1200 AED. You must complete your registration at the gym to guarantee your spot.
You will choose your most convenient time and stick with it.
If you show up to all classes you will receive a maximum of 400 AED back, Making the program cost 800 AED only.
Green Central X Primal Gym: BURN Meal Program
 **This is a special meal plan designed for Primal Gym clients signing up with the BURN Transformation Program ONLY.
(online pre-registration does NOT guarantee your spot, please visit the gym to complete your registration and GUARANTEE your spot. Spots are limited)
**Keep in mind time-slots might be changed/merged if there is less than 7 registrations in that time slot**


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**Keep in mind time-slots might be changed/merged if there is less than 5 registrations in that time slot**